Technical dialogue on Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and pharmaceutical policies in Argentina

Latin America and the Caribbean, like the rest of the world, has limited resources to meet growing health needs in a context in which spending on health technologies, especially medicines, has been growing rapidly. This is the case in Argentina, and, therefore, it is necessary to have firm scientific evidence that allows countries to decide which technologies to finance and at what price.
The Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is a technical and systematic process that uses available evidence to develop a public policy recommendation.

What did our support consist of?

In this context, in 2019 we supported the construction of a dialogue on the application of economic evidence in decision making for the allocation of healthcare resources, under the direction of HTA expert Andrés Pichón-Riviere and with the participation of international expert Michael Drummond. The results of this support were presented at a public event held in August 2019 in Buenos Aires.

Technical Team

IDB Team

  • Ignez Tristao – Team leader
  • Úrsula Giedion – Technical adviser

Consulting Team

  • Mike Drummond – International expert on cost-effectiveness
  • Andrés Pichón-Riviere – Local expert on HTA
Publications and related documents