Support to the Government of Honduras for the formulation of a Health Benefit Plan Policy

In a context of limited health resources and practically infinite demands, governments must define how to direct public resources towards the interventions and technologies that will maximize health benefits for the entire population. Health benefit plans (HBP) are an effective and strategic tool for explicit prioritization to achieve universal health coverage.

Before this technical cooperation, Honduras only had a basic health package that operated with a decentralized management model in 94 of the 298 municipalities in the country, where the majority of the population faces situations of socio-economic vulnerability. With a fragmented health system, which did not have an explicit prioritization tool to work towards universal coverage, the country made the decision to prioritize a set of health benefits and technologies and guarantee them for the entire population.

What does our support consist of?

We are jointly designing a policy proposal for a Prioritized Set of Health Benefits for Honduras (PSHBH) which includes the following components:

  • Fundamental characteristics of the PSHBH (objectives, scope, general structure, etc.)
  • Priority-setting methodology based on extended cost-effectiveness
  • Set of prioritized health benefits, according to the following criteria: cost-effectiveness, equity, and financial protection
  • Costing methodology for the PSHBH based on the information available
  • Costing of the Health Benefit Plan
  • Fiscal impact of the PSHBH, from the associated direct costs
  • Proposal for the institutional design and monitoring of the PSHBH
  • Proposal for a PSHBH implementation and institutionalization master plan
Technical Team

IDB Team

  • Hugo Godoy – Team leader
  • Úrsula Giedion – Technical adviser

Consultants and collaborators

  • Pamela Góngora – Coordinator
  • Natalia Jorgensen – Expert in priority setting
  • Rodrigo Muñoz – Costing expert
  • Fanny Mejía – High-level local expert

The project also has the valuable support of doctors Lenin Quesada and Javier Gallegos, local doctors who are knowledgeable about medical practices and protocols in the country.