International Seminar Towards the creation of a National Agency for Health Technology Assessment in Argentina.

On August 22, 2019, the CRITERIA Network, together with the Secretariat of the Government of Health of Argentina, carried out the II International Seminar Towards the creation of a National Agency for the Evaluation of Health Technologies (AGNET). In this event, we presented the results of the technical dialogue that the CRITERIA Network held with the country's health personnel. It had the participation of global and national leaders who presented on methodological issues and highlighted the importance of clinical and economic evidence to progress in the creation of the AGNET.


Workshop on the preparation of health budgets, priority setting, and financing of catastrophic expenses.

In May 2019, we participated in a workshop in Mexico City on budgeting, priority setting, and financing of catastrophic health expenditures. Our coordinator, Ursula Giedion, highlighted the importance of explicit priority setting and the main tools to implement this process.

Dialogue with government actors in the Paraguayan health sector.

In October 2018, a virtual technical dialogue was held with the Paraguayan government to discuss priority setting in health and health benefit plans, in the context of a sector-wide dialogue on the health priorities and the roadmap for health reform.

Workshop on Health Benefit Plans in Honduras.

In June 2018, the CRITERIA Network held a technical event in which government actors and a group of international experts discussed topics related to evidence-based decision making, the design and implementation of explicit health benefit plans, and their relevance in the road to Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

Workshop on Value-Based Pricing, in Colombia

In May 2018, the CRITERIA Network led a technical event on Value Based Pricing (VBP). The event fostered dialogue between government authorities in the health sector and a group of invited international experts in order to review the price definition mechanisms for new health technologies, according to their therapeutic value.

Workshop: The relevance of evidence-based decision making.

In November 2015, the CRITERIA Network organized a workshop to highlight the relevance of evidence-based decision-making within the framework of a process of prioritizing health spending from a systemic perspective.

Seminar Colombia and Germany: Similar health systems, lots to learn

In June 2015, we held a workshop in the city of Bogotá that gathered the experience of the exchange between German and Colombian experts on issues of prioritization and pharmaceutical policy, among others.

Course on Health Benefit Plans

In March 2015, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Health Finance and Governance (HFG) organized a course aimed at participants from all countries in the region on health economics and financing in Latin America and the Caribbean. Keep reading…

Use of evidence for the design and update of Health Benefit Plans

In November 2014, the CRITERIA Network participated in a workshop in Mexico City on the assessment of health technologies in Latin America. In it, the relevance of evidence-based decision making was presented within the framework of prioritizing health spending as a
systemic approach.

Systemic approach to health priority setting

In March 2013, the CRITERIA Network organized a workshop in Mexico City on priority setting in health spending from a systemic approach.