Management of health technologies from a systemic approach in Colombia

It is increasingly clear that proper management of health technologies requires  a systemic approach that combines different health tools and policies. The systemic approach is important because it involves a series of interconnected processes in which several actors and entities intervene, requiring a guaranteed coherence and articulation. Within this context, the CRITERIA Network has supported Colombia to strengthen its management of health technologies in a number of areas.

What did our support consist of?

Among our many activities, the following should be highlighted:

  • Coordination of the design of the proposal of the current Institute for Technological Evaluation in Health (IETS).
  • Support for the dialogue on pharmaceutical policy with international consultancies and the organization of multiple meetings and technical events.
  • Participation in the design of a pilot to strengthen the coordination between the health regulator, INVIMA and IETS.
  • Support IETS in the development of a directory of agencies and actors at the national and international level to design its manual for the dissemination of health technology evaluations in the country.
  • Promotion of South-South dialogue by organizing discussions with experts in the Mexican experience of centralized purchasing.
Technical Team

IDB Team

  • Úrsula Giedion – Technical adviser

Consultants and collaborators

  • Amanda Glassman
  • Andrián Verbel
  • Andrés Pichón-Riviere
  • Aurelio Mejía
  • Carolina Gómez
  • Catalina Gutiérrez
  • Claudia Vaca
  • Daniel Ollendorf
  • Dov Chernichovsky
  • Eduardo González Pier
  • Francis Ruiz
  • Francisco Bañuelos
  • Héctor Castro
  • Huub Schellekens
  • Kalipso Chalkidou
  • Leandro Safatle
  • Leonardo Arregocés
  • Mike Rawlins
  • Oscar Cañón
  • Panos Kanavos
  • Ricardo Bitrán
  • Rick Chapman
  • Tatiana Andia
  • Wolfgang Greiner
Publications and related documents