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Is it possible to use unbranded generics to improve people's access to health care and reduce household out-of-pocket spending? Join us for a webinar where we will present the results of studies conducted by the IDB's Criteria Network in Chile and the Dominican Republic on the potential savings that could be achieved by switching to generic drugs.
In this webinar, we will discuss the impact of financing high-cost medicines from a population health perspective. Join us to learn about the cases of Colombia and the Dominican Republic, the budgetary impact of purchasing these types of medicines, their opportunity costs and some tools to achieve more efficient health spending. 
The webinar on cost-effectiveness thresholds will allow participants to learn about the importance of making evidence-based health care decisions and to concentrate efforts and resources on the most cost-effective health care interventions and technologies.
In Chile, Ricarte Soto Law defines a financial protection system for high-cost health technologies through a process of prioritization and evaluation of health technologies (ETESA).This webinar aims to evaluatethe ETESA processin terms of its technical content and analyze this experience to replicate in other countries.
"The economic challenges in the health system, such as drug development, its payment and how to reformulate policies for satisfying unmet needs -present and future- are part of the aim that we still have to overcome.
In December 2021, the Criteria Network led a workshop that brought together renowned regional and international experts with the aim of discussing strategies to mitigate the effect of the current fiscal austerity that region is going through at this moment by adopting measures such as explicit priority setting,
This webinar is an explanation about what means "divestment" in the health sector, taking into account the current context of fiscal restrictions. Disinvestment can be a tool that allows a reallocation of resources towards those technologies that show true added value for the health of patients.s
Learn more about the Beneluxa Initiative and the International Horizon Scanning Initiative (IHSI), examples of multinational cooperation to ensure timely and affordable access to innovative medicines
We invite you to visit the presentation by Dr. Susan Griffin of the Centre for Health Economics at the University of York about the main aspects of distributional cost-effectiveness analysis. This analytical method aims to describe how policy decisions impact different population groups. The information produced by this analysis can contribute to the debate on the policy impact on health equity.