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Made on December 13, 2018 Presented by: Giancarlo Buitrago. Giancarlo Buitrago, Director of the Clinical Research Institute of the National University of Colombia, and Diana Pinto, IDB Lead Health Specialist, present the effects of variation in outpatient management of patients with diabetes mellitus on clinical outcomes and […]
Taken on November 27, 2018 Presented by: Lizbeth Acuña. Noncommunicable diseases are responsible for more than 60% of mortality in middle-income countries. But, in addition, the expenses that these diseases imply are enormous and each year they increase. However, governments often allocate few resources to alleviate this […]
The high expenditure on medicines, even though there is a co-payment, can pose a risk to the health of citizens. What pharmaceutical reimbursement policies can guarantee that no one is left without the medicines they need? ...
Taken on September 19, 2018 Presented by: Eduardo González-Pier The Mexican health system currently covers almost the entire population, largely thanks to the adoption of Seguro Popular de Salud, which allowed access to insurance to be extended to more than 55 millions of people. In this process the introduction of […]
Made on August 28, 2018 Presented by: Jaime Cardona. Health systems in the world face a series of epidemiological, demographic, socioeconomic and technological transitions that generate pressure on health spending. To face this pressure, governments can implement strategies such as budget cuts, new sources of financing, redefinition of […]
Deciding which health technologies to finance is not an easy task, as the needs are endless and the resources are limited...
The Member States of the World Health Organization (WHO) are grouped into six regions. One of them is the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO) conformed by 21 countries...
Made on April 26, 2018 Presented by: Diana Pinto and Gianluca Cafagna. The level of health spending is likely to grow, as a consequence of the aging of the population, the epidemiological transition towards non-communicable diseases, the implementation of universal health coverage and the adoption of new technologies. The set of […]
Made on March 22, 2018 Presented by: Luciana Leão. In the field of primary health care (PHC), the evaluation of health technologies (ETES) is a key tool for the management and formulation of actions that achieve a positive impact on the health system. In addition, the ETES are a source of evidence for […]