How much does it cost for Colombia not to invest in prevention? The economic burden of high-cost noncommunicable diseases
Nov 27, 2018
Presentado por:
Lizbeth Acuña.

Noncommunicable diseases are responsible for more than 60% of mortality in middle-income countries. But, in addition, the expenses that these diseases imply are enormous and each year they increase. However, governments often allocate few resources to alleviate this burden. What is the situation in Colombia? Why is so little invested in preventive measures? What alternatives can be suggested?

In this webinar you will see how much the main high-cost non-communicable diseases such as cancer, chronic kidney disease and its precursors (arterial hypertension and diabetes), HIV/AIDS or rheumatoid arthritis cost the Colombian health system and investment will be analyzed what the government is doing to alleviate this pressure on spending and possible state responses that could strengthen the fight against the epidemic of noncommunicable diseases in Colombia.