What to prioritize in health and at what price?


Today, all countries in the world face the enormous challenge of making efficient use of their resources to meet the infinite health needs of their populations.

To assist in this task, we at the IDB have had the privilege of bringing together the world’s best specialists in explicit priority setting and drug price regulation, who have contributed their vision of how countries can improve decision-making processes to define what to finance in health and at what price. This course is the result of the 10-year experience of the Criteria Network in generating knowledge about improving the efficiency of public spending on health.

What will you learn?

  • Principles to consider in the design and implementation of explicit priority-setting policies
  • How to identify instruments that allow for more affordable drug prices
  • Lessons learned from countries that have implemented some of these measures

Who is the course for?

Decision-makers, academics, and citizens interested in how governments can improve decision-making processes about what to finance in health and at what price.

In what modality is it taught?

It is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) published on the edX platform. Access is free.

Our course is now available

Access here




You can also access the original version of the book in English at the following link : https://www.cgdev.org/impacts-and-influence/designing-benefits-universal-health-coverage