We generate and disseminate cutting-edge, applied knowledge on explicit priority setting in health and drug prices intervention strategies in order to promote evidence-based decision making on what to finance in health with public resources and how much pay for it. In this section you will find valuable information on Health Technology Assessment (HTA), Health Benefit Plans (HBP), pharmaceutical policy, drugs and medical devices regulation, catastrophic funds, and horizon scanning, among others.


The Covid-19 pandemic showed us the need to build resilience in health systems; and that addressing diseases in other countries can prevent their spread around the world.
In December 2021, the Criteria Network led a workshop that brought together renowned regional and international experts with the aim of discussing strategies to mitigate the effect of the current fiscal austerity that region is going through at this moment by adopting measures such as explicit priority setting,
This webinar is an explanation about what means "divestment" in the health sector, taking into account the current context of fiscal restrictions. Disinvestment can be a tool that allows a reallocation of resources towards those technologies that show true added value for the health of patients.s


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