We generate and disseminate cutting-edge, applied knowledge on explicit priority setting in health and drug prices intervention strategies in order to promote evidence-based decision making on what to finance in health with public resources and how much pay for it. In this section you will find valuable information on Health Technology Assessment (HTA), Health Benefit Plans (HBP), pharmaceutical policy, drugs and medical devices regulation, catastrophic funds, and horizon scanning, among others.


The webinar on cost-effectiveness thresholds will allow participants to learn about the importance of making evidence-based health care decisions and to concentrate efforts and resources on the most cost-effective health care interventions and technologies.
In Chile, Ricarte Soto Law defines a financial protection system for high-cost health technologies through a process of prioritization and evaluation of health technologies (ETESA).This webinar aims to evaluatethe ETESA processin terms of its technical content and analyze this experience to replicate in other countries.
"The economic challenges in the health system, such as drug development, its payment and how to reformulate policies for satisfying unmet needs -present and future- are part of the aim that we still have to overcome.


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