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Catalina Gutiérrez, Colombia, explains why explicit prioritization should be thought of as a system made up of many actors and processes whose coordination and articulation will be an important determinant of the success of evidence-based coverage decision-making.
Antonio Infante, Chile, offers an analysis of social participation in the context of the design and adjustment of the Chilean PBS, the AUGE.
Giota Panopoulou, Mexico, presents, Coverage and Reimbursement of Health Technologies: the case of Mexico, where she presents an overview of the benefit plans that exist in Mexico with an emphasis on those that have been implemented in the context of Seguro Popular.
Ramón Castaño, Colombia, talks about the challenges of the concept of medical autonomy in the context of explicit prioritization.
Kalipso Chalkidou, from the organization NICE, talked about her vision about evaluating health technologies and how to do it.
This webinar presents the results of the comparative study on health benefit plans in Latin America and the Caribbean. The session analyzes the adoption of explicit HBPs in seven Latin American countries as a way to prioritize health spending in the face of limited public resources.
Our expert explains why it is important to pay for health benefit plans and shows the challenges that arise in this context. It also shows the specific case of costing the Chilean AUGE plan and its adjustment over time.