Institutionalization of Health Technology Assessment Entities in Costa Rica

The use of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) to make evidence-based decisions is now a fundamental factor in a growing number of countries within and outside the Latin American and Caribbean region. Costa Rica requested the support of the CRITERIA Network to promote dialogue on the subject and prepare a proposal for an institutional and legal framework for that purpose.

What did our support consist of?
  • Technical meetings and dialogues with actors. Based on these meetings, we developed a formulation of 10 key questions to consider when designing an HTA entity.
  • A concrete proposal was delivered to adjust the country's regulatory and legal framework that would enable the implementation of a national HTA entity and ensure its proper functioning.
Technical Team

IDB Team

  • Diana Pinto – Team leader
  • Úrsula Giedion – Technical adviser

Consultants and collaborators

  • James Cercone
  • Iñaqui Gutierrez
  • Daniel Bronstein
Publications and related documents