How to protect the provision of essential health services in the context of covid-19?
Aug 15, 2021
Presentado por:
Dra, Virginia Camacho, Dr. Mark Lawler, Dra. Y-Ling Chi.

Most health services around the world are devoting substantial amounts of effort to combat the pandemic and reallocating significant portions of their physical, human, and financial resources to do so. However, when making prioritization decisions and deciding how to allocate scarce resources, it is necessary to take into account what may happen to essential services. Understanding the magnitude of the effects of decisions not only on COVID-19 but also on all other essential services must be an integral part of making informed decisions now in the context of COVID-19, but also in the context of any future pandemic. To talk about the subject, we were joined in this webinar by three renowned experts, Dr. Virginia Camacho, Dr. Mark Lawler, and Dr. Y-Ling Chi.