Democratizing Knowledge: Can Latin America and the Caribbean be empowered to produce their own diagnostic tests and other devices to deal with COVID-19?
May 04, 2020
Presentado por:
José Gómez-Marquez

In the fifth webinar of this COVID-19 public policy dialogue series, we invite you to learn more from an innovator's perspective about how Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) can prepare to produce diagnostic and serological tests and others. necessary devices for the response to COVID-19 in the region

This session was hosted by José Gómez Márquez, who leads Little Devices at the MIT Lab, which focuses on exploring the design, invention, and policy spaces for DYI health technologies around the world. We discuss with José and Diana Pinto key opportunity areas and how technological, supply chain and quality assurance challenges can be addressed for scalable production.

José is also the co-founder of MakerHealth, which creates distributed biotech and medical manufacturing environments in hospitals and communities around the world, and the co-inventor of the MEDIKit and Ampli platforms, which empower doctors and nurses to invent their own medical technologies.