What can Latin American and Caribbean countries learn from the South Korean experience with covid-19?
Mar 31, 2020
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Countries around the world are currently adopting different strategies to slow the progression of the COVID-19 pandemic. The governments of the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region have the invaluable opportunity to learn lessons about the actions of the countries where COVID has previously advanced. In this regard, South Korea has received a lot of attention for slowing down the spread of the epidemic with a combination of measures including comprehensive testing and tracking.

The IDB, through CRITERIA Network, is supporting countries from the LAC region to cope with the challenges posed by the pandemic. Part of that support includes sharing with governments valuable lessons from other countries, as well as reliable information about interventions that work and research that is being conducted.

We invite you to learn more about South Korea’s valuable lessons in smoothing the curve of the epidemic, with Dr. Seon Kui (Erica) Lee, Director of the Division of Risk Assessment & International Cooperation of the Korea Center for Disease Control & Prevention. Dr. Lee will share the experience of South Korea, the main interventions adopted and her recommendations for the countries of the LAC region.

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